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IN THIS ISSUE 15_09.22.2010
Empire State Building owner takes fight over a proposed Pelli-designed neighbor to City Council
Philanthropist picks New York firm to design downtown arts complex on Grand Avenue
Andrew Saint relishes the Old English style of Richard Norman Shaw in his exemplary new edition
Landmark brownfield program gives city new control and incentives for light to moderately contaminated sites
Designing housing for the elderly, Dutch architect Arnoud Gelauff has discovered that there is no need to fall back on antiseptic and depressing designs.
Behnisch Architekten's New Haven lab forms a gateway for Yale New Haven Hospital
Ennead Architects designs a glassy monument on Independence Mall
Editorial> Bank on It
Licensed to Learn
Eavesdrop> Isadora Mullion
It's a Steal, Meier Full of Beans
Grast by Vamos Architects
Glass master James Carpenter creates a thrilling dialogue of space, light, and landscape at Jerusalem's venerable campus
Unveiled> Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate
In Detail> Empire State Building
Johnson Controls with Jones Lang LaSalle, the Rocky Mountain Institute, and the Clinton Climate Initiative
At Deadline
No End for Ave., Riverside Sunk?, Kahn Do
Forget the curiosity-crushing banality of yesterday's libraries. The new generation is tech-savvy, transparent, and welcoming.
Class Acts
From faculty lounges to student unions, flexible options make the grade
Drawing Inspiration
Catalogue of the Andrew Alpern Collection of Drawing Instruments at Avery Library