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IN THIS ISSUE 08_09.29.2010_CA
Frances Anderton remembers her first tour guide of LA, the godfather of her daughter and much of the city's design scene
Piano's new gallery rounds out LACMA masterplan with sensuousness and serenity
The new volume A5 Los Angeles: Architecture, Interiors, Lifestyle charts the city's embrace of warm modernism
Fight against student housing project near famed Strathmore Apartments falls short at LA planning commission
Architects worry about Prop. 23's potential consequences for green building initiatives in California and beyond
DS+R To Design Grand Avenue Arts Complex
The public process is being hijacked in LA, a city stunningly uninterested in open debate on design, writes Sam Lubell
Century Saved
Sasaki Hotel to Expand Into Mixed-Use Complex
Eavesdrop> The Editors
Cooties Alert; In Memoriam Menswear; Venice, L.A. Versus Venice, Italy; That's Some Pig
Local: Mission Eatery by Atelier KS
Step On It
Railla Winners Explore High-Speed Rail Options
Design by committee creates an awkward oddball at Ambassador Hotel site
Stodgy mall by starchitect transformed into luxury galleria hocking sunlight and sea breeze
Inspired in part by Issey Miyake's laser-cut garments, a California architect designs his own winglike floating house
Lite Touch
New Glass Technology Brings Clarity To The Market
Many architects have taken untra-transparent glazing to diaphanous levels of refinement, but some are looking in the other direction, probing new dimensions of performance and opacity. Here are three technologically audacious applications from around the worlddwhether slumped, corrugated, or acid-etcheddthat show glass in a different light.
Review> Artificial Kubrick
AI: Artificial Intelligence: From Stanley Kubrick to Steven Spielberg