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IN THIS ISSUE 06_10.13.2010_MW
Art Institute files $10 million suit against Arup over laundry list of alleged flaws at Piano-designed museum
Famed designer builds three pedestrian bridges in Cuyahoga County
Eleven Chicago architects reflect on 21 years of Mayor Daley and look ahead to the next administration's challenges
Indianapolis shaves driving lanes for sustainable civic space
Out of the Trough
August billings tick up, but show long slog ahead
Remembering Cincinnati's architectural legend, provocateur, and passionate advocate for powerful urban design
Life After Daley
Imagining a Post-Mayor Daley Chicago
China Confidential
An invitation to build in China sounds too good to be true, and probably is, say architects involved
Eavesdrop> Ryan Lafollette
Burning down the house (and its guests); Blair has stuff to say (and say and say)
Benchmark by SPACE Architects + Planners
Van Valkenburgh led team bests rivals to rework arch grounds
Studio Visit> Kujawa Architects
Cosmology of the Yard, Trost House, Lohi Flats, Wayne Residence
Thread Count
Indianapolis Museum of Art installation evokes the ceiling of a Baroque church
Whether night or day, lighting can transform little-used public spaces into desirable places. AN spotlights three new designs in the Midwest.
Lights Out
Public lighting gets sharp with the newest LED technology
Review> Weese's Pieces
The Architecture of Harry Weese