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IN THIS ISSUE 05_03.16.2011
Restoration of Peddocks Island in Boston Harbor pits preservationists against planners.
City rewrites zoning code after more than 50 years.
LOT-EK and the Van Alen Institute re-envision the architectural bookstore in New York.
Giovanni Pasanella
It is impossible to think of Gio, the architect, as separate from this person who, more completely, saw all output as creative exploration.
Editorial> Once Upon A Time in the Desert
Letters> Storm Brewing Over Solar Decathalon
Developer to add two towers to local landmark in Chelsea.
Eavesdrop> Isadora Mullion
Bizarre and Irrational Non-Payments; Teddy Bare Picnic
Homeless shelter to slip unnoticed into Chelsea?
Alexander Wang flagship store by Ryan Korban and Robin Kramer
Cetra/Ruddy and WSP Cantor Seinuk's slender tower stands tall with help from an innovative damper.
New York by Gehry struggles to find its place among Manhattan skyscrapers.
At Deadline
Maeda's Ides of March, London Torch Stoked, On the Waterfront
Studio Visit> Caliper Studio
Product> Going Public
New outdoor products durable enough for civic duty
Exhibition explores the legacy of New York's lost Beaux Arts landmark and ponders the site's future.
Clip/Stamp/Fold: The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196X to 197X
Mohamed Elshahed traces the evolution of Egypt's revolutionary public space.