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IN THIS ISSUE 15_09.21.2011
Julie V. Iovine reflects on Obama's jobs speech.
Michael Merrill investigates Kahn's architecture with his unbuilt Dominican Motherhouse.
Gaining public access to New York City's extensive industrial waterfront won't be easy.
Short project timelines force architects to keep pace.
Utopie: Texts and Projects: 1967-1978 edited by Craig Buckley and Jean-Louis Violeau.
Hotel Americano by TEN Arquitectos with Arnaud Montigny.
The new director of MAK takes questions from Liane Lefaivre.
Artist Yukata Sone turned a village of Chinese artisans into urban topographers carving New York City out of marble.
Maryland's answer to smart growth, pending approval.
The director of Helvetica and Objectified talks about his new film on cities, Urbanized.
Fabricators wrestle with realizing the landscape for a Zaha Hadid show.
MVVA's new athletic fields for Penn merge public with private.