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IN THIS ISSUE 03_02.15.2012
Paul Gunther on Edward Durell Stone: A Son's Untold Story of a Legendary Architect.
A Manhattan-based collaborative firm helps to capture brand identity in retail design.
Shopping is more complicated than ever with malls and mom-and-pop stores still struggling.
BMD maximizes opportunity in a Hong Kong wine bar.
Multimedia shows at Queens Plaza?
Nancy Goldring on Raimund Abraham and the Austrian Culture Forum New York.
Driving range on Croton filtration plant sets new standards.
James Westcott reflects on the life and work of a leader of the Metabolist movement.
Julie Iovine considers how urban planning got pushed into a political hot button.
Stephen Starr's Cafff Storico by SLDesign opens in the New York Historical Society.
A nonprofit wants to design the red tape out of public services.
Richard Meier & Partners' office tower in Mexico City draws inspiration from Aztec forms.