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IN THIS ISSUE 12_07.25.2012
The Bloomberg Administration is one of the most pro-development governments in city history. As they count down their remaining days in office, AN checks in with the agencies whose projects have had the most impact on development.
William L. Hamilton reviews Christopher Alexander's latest diatribe.
Rogers Marvel's $50 million renovation restores dignity to a Moses-era pool.
Traveling exhibition to examine unparalleled architecture of Viennese public housing.
Paul Gunther looks through the London hoopla to find gardens in our midst.
Debate grows over green standards and forests.
Julie V. Iovine weighs the Bloomberg administration's entrepreneurial spirit in remaking New York City.
Asymptote Architects takes a fresh look at Alessi's Soho store.
A new hybrid casino-convention complex in Atlantic City aims to turn around a tired genre, and a city.
Gehry Technologies' new GTeam gives interactive file access multiple levels.