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IN THIS ISSUE 19_12.12.2012
Martin Treu reconsiders the architectural significance of commercial signage along America's Main Streets.
Review> Cultural Artifact or Eyesore?
Architecture and design: matters of the economy.
Chicago's Cook County enacts the Midwest's first ordinance to cut construction waste.
Alan G. Brake calls for a new emphasis on resiliency as we face a new climate reality.
UCLA enlists star professors to link students with industry at new campus.
"The Play's The Thing" in Studio Gang's new Writer's Theatre in Chicago.
Toshiko Mori's design for the new Sean Kelly Gallery isn't your generic white box.
San Francisco okays pilot program for micro-apartments under 220 square feet.
Chicago greens its massive stock of vacant land with urban agriculture.
D.C. and feds studying amending the city's building height limit.
Michael Webb remembers the outspokenly unique modern architect and opinionated member of the New Canaan Five.
Susan Morris reviews the new movie, 16 Acres, about rebuilding the World Trade Center site.
The AN editors present all we want for the Holidays in this year's gift guide.