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IN THIS ISSUE 03_03.05.2014
The postminimalist light artist has drawn much of his inspiration from architecture.
Rahul Mehrotra's Architecture in India since 1990 attacks the effect the country's liberalized economy has had on its built environment.
Portfolio> Keith Sonnier
Inspired by architecture
Forged in the heady political climate following 9/11, this California-based studio's work blends activism and architecture.
Washington, D.C. picks team to revamp Mies van der Rohe's Martin Luther King Memorial Library.
Tibby Rothman on Alex Gorlin's new book, Kabbalah in Art and Architecture.
New York City-based owner's representative's portfolio reflects its interest in the non-profit sector.
This Buffalo research and architecture practice focuses its work on confronting issues in contemporary ecology.
Upscale Midtown Manhattan eatery brings light into its subterranean space.
New York City's new mayor de Blasio appoints his commissioners.
The two-architect studio creates modern designs that evoke primitive Mexican architecture.
This digital design and fabrication studio sees its installation work as architecture.
How best to restore New York City's first concrete building?
Whole Foods opens its first Brooklyn store.
Planning and design seem to be a low priority for the de Blasio administration.
Toronto-based firm brings a sense of craft to digitally-informed design.
Originally established in 1991, this Mexico City-based studio is hoping to do more international work.
Bay Area-based landscape architects expose narratives of place.
New York architects working on the cutting edge of technology and ecology.
Landscape interventions to improve the notorious brick desert.