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IN THIS ISSUE 05_04.09.2014
An in-depth look into four naturally lit contemporary gallery spaces with experts in the field.
AN talks to Andy Sedgwick of Arup, who Thomas Phifer calls, "the premier daylight designer in the world."
An overarching canopy filters daylight before it reaches the museum's walls.
Glass loves light, so this museum's roof lets in as much as 425 foot-candles.
An operable louver system allows curators to dial in exhibition-specific amounts of daylight.
Feature> The Art of Daylight
Q+A> Andy Sedgwick
Talks to Andy Sedgwick of Arup, who Thomas Phifer calls, "the premier daylight designer in the world."
Case Study> Corning Museum of Glass Expansion
Case Study> Perez Art Museum Miami
A concrete and wood canopy protects the museum's extensive glazing from direct exposure to the intense Miami sun.
Custom diffusers in the cellular concrete ceiling spread daylight evenly, but allow for dynamic changes.
Case Study> Renzo Piano Pavilion
Rachel Heidenry on the provocative Philly exhibition, Northern Liberties: From World's Workshop to Hipster Mecca and the People in Between.
The Mid-Century Modernist single-glazed curtain wall is an endangered species.
Architects create user-friendly map of drone strikes worldwide.
One of New York's leading preservation groups names winners of its first awards program.
William Menking hopes that design will not be given short shrift by the de Blasio administration.
Abby Suckle sifts through the new Handbook of Professional Practice.
Print architectural periodicals keep dropping like flies.
East Village eatery's interior fuses the regions that inspire its menu.
Jayne Merkel remembers the passionate publisher of Metropolis magazine.
Urbanizing Atlanta tries out multi-modal transit options and a walkable district.