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IN THIS ISSUE 13_07.27.2004
Bucky Lands in Brooklyn
Freedom Tower Breaks Ground
Cornerstone laid, construction begins
Never Too Early
Architecture-centric public high schools spring up across NYC
The Big Tease
Whitney leads architects on, then dumps them
WTC Memorial moves forward
Anne Papageorge leaves DDC for LMDC
The latest dirt from our very own gossip columnist, Aric Chen.
Foster Bows Out
London architect withdraws from controversial Tribeca Tower
Break Down
In 2003, $34.6 billin was spent on new construction in the state of New York...
City Seeks Pitches for Johnson's Tent
Parks Deparment issues RFEI to make over 1964 World's Fair Pavilion
Curbside: Peter Slatin
Maya Lin Completes Second Project for Children's Defense Fund
High Time
Four finalists unveil designs for the High Line
Historic Garden Blooms Again
U.S. philanthropists fund restoration of Andre Le Notre Garden
At Deadline
What will it take to develop Far West Midtown? All sides agree on the need for more residential and commercial development, as well as improved transportation and open space. But how the pieces come together is the stuff of political brinkmanship. Laura Wolf-Powers puzzles it out.
One Woman's Place
Charlotte Perriand: An Art of Living ed. by Mary McLeod
Sculpting Spectacular Architecture
Architecture: Sculpture by Werner, Sewing, with contributions from Erik Wegerhoff
Falling In Love
The Storm and the Fall by Lebbeus Woods
Ultra-Tech Eco-Warrior
Show Me the Future: Engineering and Design from Werner Sobek at Pinakothek der Moderne
Systems of Order
Architecture by Numbers at Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria