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IN THIS ISSUE 14_09.07.2004
9/11 Memorials Take Shape in NJ
Winning designs focus on views on Lower Manhattan
White Out
Public art brightens Athens during Olympics
For Hire: WTC Cultural Center Architects
New tenants know what they want, but does the LMDC?
J. Irwin Miller Dies at 95
Patron turned Columbus, Indiana, into an architectural hotbed
Cash Flow
NY State Council for the Arts announces 2005 design grants
The latest dirt from our very own gossip columnist, Aric Chen.
Better Late Than Never
NY state budget eliminates brownfield cleanup tax
Pompidou Penthouse
Shigeru ban plants temporary studio on Pompidou roof
Branding Long Island City
Sprawling and indistinct, Long Island City get a new graphic industry
Critical Curricula
Syracuse University launches arts journalism program
Pumps and Circumstance
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial reopens after bumpy opening months
Art Futures
Pension Fund aimed at providing security for artists
A League of their Own
Small firms form alternative architecture softball league; seeks more teams
At Deadline
The New York area has a concentration of arguably the most powerful educators in the country. Weeve assembled eleven deanssfour new to their respective institutions, and two new to the post entirelyyto ask them about their schools and the state of architectural education. Photography by Yoko Inoue
Tall Tales
Tall Buildings at MoMA ONS
Sounds of 9/11
Ground Zero: A Sonic Memorial Soundwalk produced by Stephane Crasneanscki, Davia Nelson, and Nikki Silva
Beyond Kahn
Dhaka Unconcealed by Worldview Cities at
Protest: D. Grahame Shane
Ground Zero's Messy Future