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IN THIS ISSUE 06_04.06.2005
Making Buildings Bird-Safe
Architects assemble at conference to stop birdkill
Pure Piano-issimo
Renzo on high, and building for the ages
Thom Mayne Wins Pritzker
Changing Tides
Wave power turbines to be installed in East River
Great Room With a View
Lower Manhattan's newest architectural landmark: Whitehall Ferry Terminal
The latest dirt from our very own gossip columnist, Aric Chen.
Through the Looking Glass
Towering Eternal
Land shortage prompts New York City cemeteries to go vertical
National AIDS Memorial Names Winner
New York team beats 201 entries to win open competition
National Trust for Historic Preservation, Parsons Centurion Award...
In the Public Interest
New program urges architects to donate work
At Deadline
Since Joseph Paxton used almost a million square feet of glass to cover the Crystal Palace in 1851, architects have been experimenting with it in projects of every size, type, and context. For our annual Glass issue, we look at four projects that use the material in fresh ways. From the structural advances of a dome in Stuttgart to the conceptual layering of a house in upstate New York, the glass in each of these projects does much more than just let the sun in.
Look, Landscape!
Groundswell: Constructing the Contemporary Landscape at the Museum of Modern Art
Darwinian Urbanism
Terra Incognita: Vacant Land, Urban Strategies by Ann O'M. Bowman and Michael Pagano
Dishing Dirt
Dish: International Design for the Home edited by Julie Muller Stahl