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IN THIS ISSUE 12_07.13.2005
World's 100 Most Endangered Sites
Nation of Iraq, 2 Columbus Circle, and Cyclorama Center make the world monument fund's list
Fulton Street Plan Chugs Along
Plan to revitalize Lower Manhattan's east-west corridor to be released late summer
Faulty Tower
Freedom tower redesign fails to impress
NIST Releases WTC Report
Findings raise building security standards
Private Domain
Supreme Court okays government land seizures for private development
The latest dirt from our very own gossip columnist, Aric Chen
Open: Theater
Two River Theater by H3 Handy Collaboration Architecture
Upping the Ante
Norten proposes museum in the sky for Guadalajara Guggenheim
In Memoriam (For Now)
Two temporary memorials to open at Ground Zero
AIA Staten Island 2005 Architectural Design Awards, ASLA...
At Deadline
The Mets, the Jets, the Nets, the Yanks new stadia all around! But where to put them? Architect and urbanist Michael Sorkin surveyed the five boroughs for sites to consider.
What's Art Got To Do With It?
New Museums by Raul A. Barreneche, New Museums: Contemporary Museum Architecture Around the World by Mimi Zeiger, and Art and the Power of Placement by Victoria Newhouse
Rubble Out, Rubble In
Michael Rakowitz's Dull Roar at Lombard-Freid Fine Arts
Graphic Material
2x4: Design Series 3 at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art