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IN THIS ISSUE 13_07.27.2005
By Hook or Crook
Gentrification reaches Red Hook
Two Shocks For London
Terrorist bombing dampens Olympic win
Vision Quest
So many big plans, so little focus
Kahn's Jersey Masterpiece needs Savior
Trenton bath house soon to hit auction block
MTA Downsizes Fulton Street Transit Center
$75 million over budget, Grimshaw's design loses dome, gaines cone
The latest dirt from our very own gossip columnist, Aric Chen
Open: Restaurant
Haku by Evan Douglis + Associates
In the Clear
Flight 93 National Memorial Design Competition
The Western Front
Greenwich Village Historic District Expands, Area Rezoned
Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation, Home Depot Foundation...
At Deadline
Developers List
With a booming real estate market and an ever-increasing general appreciation for good design, more and more architects are betting their own hard-earned cash that their skills will pay off in the development business. Deborah Grossberg asks New York architects how and why they made the leap to the other side.
Studying with a developer, Yale architecture students get a workout and a jump on the job market. Alec Appelbaum sits in on the crits.
Mother of All Arts
Venice Biennale, 51st International Art Exhibition in Venice, Italy
Projected Space
Tobias Putrih at Max Pretetch Gallery
A Summer Place
Pavilion 2005 at Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, London
Protest: Francoise Bollak & Tom Killian
Save the Bunshaft House
Q&A: John Zukowsky
Footnote: Peter Lang
Olympic Village = Global Village