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IN THIS ISSUE 14_09.07.2005
Architecture Editor Ousted
Architecture magazine restructure's staff
Javits Expands
Shortlist of four firms announced for convention center expansion
Bunshaft House Demolished
After Shock
New documentary probes environmental consequences of 9/11
A Little Help From Her Friends
Daniel Moynihan's daughter forms advocacy group for "new" Penn Station
The latest dirt from our very own gossip columnist, Aric Chen
Open: Eyeglass Store
Continental Vision by Studio GAIA
Democrats Head to Head
Constant Nieuwenhuys, 1920-2005
Richard J. Solomon Dies at 62
At Deadline
As The New York Timess new headquarters rises, it's worth remembering how the development evolved as part of the larger, often controversial revitalization of Times Square. Clay Risen reports. Photograph by Katsu Tanaka.
Itts noteworthy that the New York Times Company is building a gleaming new headquarters, finally abandoning its nondescript rabbit warren on 43rd Street. But even more important is what the paper is putting into its portion of the building. After rigorous planning and testinggincluding the famed 4,500 square-foot full-scale mock-up built in a parking lot at the Timess Queens printing facilityythe architecture and construction teams have devised a range of cutting-edge design elements that make the building one of the most technologically progressive in the country. Because the headquarters includes almost no back-office operations and is thus for editorial and higher-level business staff, a premium was placed on innovation. Whatts more, much of the original impetus for the innovations came from the newspaper itself, which pushed the architects and engineers to develop new solutions.
Turn Down The Volume
Volume dist. by Idea Books
Illuminated Manuscripts
Jenny Holzer: For Pittsburgh at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center
Our Garbage, Our Selves
Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash by Elizabeth Royte