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IN THIS ISSUE 05_03.22.2006
At Deadline
Last Coast Standing
Greenpoint and Williamsburg waterfront plans advance
Epilogue for a synagogue
Lower East Side landmark is reborn as an icon
In Construction: ICA Boston
Tallinn Shines Bright
Art festival lightens up
Still for Rent
3 tenants so far for 7WTC
Mis-Steps on Footings
Preservations say LMDC's Memorial plans endanger WTC footprints
Landmarking Undone
Queens bank robbed of historic designation status
Positions Available, Job Unknown
Museums need architecture and design curators, but what are they looking for?
South by South East
ASIA Society unveils two new facilities for Houston and Hong Kong
Terminal City
Port Authority to build expanded ferry dock
The future skyline of Queens bears a superficial resemblance to Jersey City: More than a dozen tall buildings are planned to rise along the Queens Waterfront and, as a result of Special District zoning, many others are in the works in Long Island City and Hunters Point. As D. Grahame Shane reports, the Department of City Planning's surgical approach to zoning is stimulating strategic development throughout the borough, promising a series of dynamic urban patchessas well as some awkward seams.
Snapshots of Spain
On-Site: New Architecture in Spain
Info Center
Storefront for Art and Architecture
The Perfect Getaway
Holiday Home UN Studio and Imaginary Forces
Sidewalk Critic
Livable Streets
Response: Peter Cook
A critique from the subject