Unveiled: LA Football Stadium

Unveiled: LA Football Stadium


On April 17, Ed Roski Jr., owner of LA-based Majestic Realty, unveiled a plan to develop a 600-acre site in LA’s City of Industry that would include a 67,000-seat football stadium and a three-million-square-foot office and shopping complex. A second phase of the project would add a large entertainment district. The privately-funded, multi-billion-dollar project, which includes $800 million for the stadium, would be located at the southern side of the Highway 57 and 60 interchange, a large parcel of open space currently under a land lease to Majestic by the City of Industry.

The site’s undulating topography led to a unique stadium design. With general seating set into a hillside, suites and club seats are located in a free-standing building on the other side of the field. Dan Meis, principal of MEIS Architects and designer of the Staples Center, explained that this asymmetrical design creates a “separate piece of architecture that is not derived from the typical stadium section.” The design creates a notably outdoor feeling with picnic seating, a retail promenade, and a festival atmosphere around the concession and general seating areas. With green parking lots, recycled construction materials, and the hillside design, the stadium seeks to deliver a clear environmental message to the rest of the NFL, said Meis. With all this in place, Majestic Realty just needs to sign a team to begin construction.

Project: LA Football Stadium
Architect: MEIS Architects
Location: City of Industry
Client/Developer: Majestic Realty