Eavesdrop: Alissa Walker

Eavesdrop: Alissa Walker


Seven strangers were picked to live in a house, yes, but a few episodes into MTV’s The Real World: Hollywood, fans have realized this is not your typical season. One housemate has already been to rehab and back, and two people have—spoiler alert!—moved out. But hey, at least the counters are made from recycled glass! Yes, folks, you can indulge in this altered reality with a clear conscience because this Real World house is sustainable. The house—which is located in the old CBS studios at Columbia Square—was designed by veteran MTV production designer Chuck Aubrey, who opted for such details as bamboo flooring, Bosch Energy Star appliances, energy-efficient lighting, and a solarheated pool. It’s the perfect environmentally-responsible backdrop for rampant nudity, anti-gay screaming matches, racial slurs, and more multiple-partner sex than we’ve seen this side of Boogie Nights. Of course, while the Hollywood cast threw its sustainable orgies on a mostly-isolated property, a recent announcement came to us via Eavesdrop NY that next season’s The Real World: Brooklyn will be shot in the borough’s BellTel Lofts. The first Real World in a real highrise. Find out what happens when real neighbors stop being polite and start getting real.



As gossip blogs breathlessly await photographic proof of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins, the architecture world ponders another mystery: Which architect(s) will they name their kids after this time? Since two-year-old Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt is obviously named after Jean Nouvel (and a Neil Diamond song) we’re sure they’ll only be considering Pritzker-winning names this time around. Might we suggest our two favorites: Sweet Caroline Koolhaas Jolie-Pitt and Holly Holy Herzog & de Meuron Jolie-Pitt. But while Jolie’s fulfilling her role as the world’s sexiest balloon, Pitt’s busy conceiving other projects on the opposite side of the world: He’ll be designing an 800-room sustainable hotel in Dubai for developers Zabeel Properties. No, he’s not AIA accredited, but his longtime collaborators at LA-based GRAFT, who steered his Make it Right program in New Orleans, will make sure it doesn’t fall down. While we’ve known of Pitt’s dalliances with design for quite some time now, a recent statement from Pitt makes it sound like he might step away from in front of the camera for life. Said Pitt: “Whilst acting is my career, architecture is my passion.” Whilst? Whilst? Spoken like a true architect.