London Sees Red

London Sees Red

Lord Fosters Bus. 
Lord Foster's Bus.

Two blue chippers Aston Martin and Foster + Partners raked in a not-much-needed  $38,000 (£25,000) and a first-prize award along with Capoco Design for re-jiggering London’s famous double decker bus, the Routemaster.

Capocos proposal.
Capoco's proposal.

Sharing the award with Capoco Design, who specializes in bus and truck designs, Foster went the bulbous route without going too retro-Airstream as did many of the other 700 entries into the competition put on by Transport for London.  Runners-up (but no more cash prizes) included Héctor Serrano Studio from the UK, Miñarro García, Javier Esteban from Spain, and Jamie Martin, from London. 

Runners-up Héctor Serrano Studio, Miñarro García, & Javier Esteban.
Runners-up Héctor Serrano Studio, Miñarro García, & Javier Esteban.

Of the Aston Martin/Foster design, Judges said they “particularly liked the overall styling package, especially the rear end” and such throwback detailing as wood flooring; LED ads and solar panels on the roof add a little more latter-day relevancy. A prototype is due by 2011.

Jamie Martins London Navigator.
Jamie Martin's "London Navigator."