122 Hudson St., New York

Circle Redmont
2760 Business Center Blvd.
Melbourne, FL

Cami de Can Ferran s/n, Pol.
Industrial Coll. de la Manya
Barcelona, Spain

Depp Glass
41–40 38th St.
Long Island City

Josloff Glass
169 Meeker Ave.
Newark, NJ

Klahr Glass
65 Bank St.
White Plains, NY

Maloof Architectural Materials
43 Westbury Rd.
Garden City, NY

McGrory Glass
1400 Grandview Ave.
Paulsboro, NJ

Oldcastle Glass
2425 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA

Olde Good Glass
124 West 24th St., New York

Pilkington North America
811 Madison Ave.
Toledo, OH

R.E. Krug
190 Oliver St., North
Tonawanda, NY

800 Park Dr.
Owatonna, MN



“We used a glass plank porch on the back of our West Village townhouse that enabled us to get daylight down into the basement. Circle Redmont do these big glass paver installations, and the planks—which measure about 18 inches by nine feet—almost make it feel like you’re on an upper floor of the house.”
Jeffrey Murphy
Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects

“Arthur Femenella of Femenella & Associates led the whole effort in removing all the stained glass windows at Temple Emanu-El, moving them to a studio, restoring them, and reinstalling them. He also replaced the exterior Plexiglas covers. And there were so many windows, it was a real logistical challenge.”
Tom Lindberg
Beyer Blinder Belle

“The arrangement of color in the Reece School’s front facade was achieved by incorporating a tinted interlayer by Vanceva into Oldcastle’s facade glass. Vanceva offers a wide range of hues and saturations to choose from, and Oldcastle was able to integrate this material into their production process with little impact on cost and scheduling. The ease of working with them allowed us to design one of the building’s most noteworthy and playful qualities without a great deal of additional effort or problem-solving.”
Ray Dovell
Platt Byard Dovell White

“For the DvF headquarters in the Meatpacking District, we proposed to Landmarks that anything new would be made differently, and so we wanted to use corrugated glass for the awning instead of the metal the area is known for. They loved the idea, but then we had to go out and find it. Manufacturers wanted $1,000 per square foot to make it, and so we almost gave up before we found Olde Good Things, whose Olde Good Glass division specializes in salvaged wired glass from the Twenties and Thirties. It was perfect and even met code for laminated glass, because the codes are so old they still require glass to be wired.”
Dan Wood
Work AC