A Crane Regulation Too Far?

A Crane Regulation Too Far?

March 16, 2008 (MSNBC)

As decades-old federal crane and derrick regulations continue to go under review, Engineering News-Record reports that New York Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri fears the city’s rules may be overruled when the less stringent federal regulations are finally enacted. LiMandri testified on March 18 at a four-day Occupational Safety and Health Administration hearing in Washington, D.C. “Reliance on this industry to regulate itself would be a fundamental mistake,” he said.

ENR also reports that Bill Shuzman, executive director of the New York City-based Allied Building Metal Industries, argued against the Buildings Commission in his testimony, arguing that “It seems to me that where OSHA regulations apply, generally that’s fine for the city, but when they don’t like a specific standard, they want to write their own.” Shuzman said he and his colleagues are “strong supporters” of the proposed OSHA regulation and cited a recent Miami-Dade County case in which the county’s regulations were struck down because Florida did not have the authority to write public safety regulations controlling worker safety.

“By going down there to testify, [LiMandri] is recognizing that there’s an issue,” Shuzman said.