Get Set, Go, Party

Get Set, Go, Party

Hector Perez, James Gates (Public), Isabel Dutra, James Brown (Public) at the MIX opening. (All photos by Lauren Radack)

Yesterday, we posted the feature from our current California issue, “On Their Mark,” about a new show at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego highlighting seven local firms. While sending over the pictures of the exhibition, Mix: Nine San Diego Architects and Designers, that went into our slideshow, the fine folks at MCASD also sent along these nice photos from the opening party, which were taken by Lauren Radack. In case, like us, you couldn’t make it. (And if you know anyone in these photos we may not have mentioned, do tell).

Partygoers check out Public's custom toolboxes.

Lucía Sanromán, co-curator for MIX, thanking the architects at the opening

Reinhardt Herbst's "Fence" makes for great party streamers.

Michael Soriano (middle, designer of The Pearl, hip renovated hotel in San Diego) with fellow revelers at the MIX opening.

Rob Wellington Quigley and Teddy Cruz avidly discuss Cruz's work.

Public's wall installation is very sexy.

Catherine Herbst discusses her installation with Ted Smith.

A view of Public's Manifesto. It reads in whole: CAN WE STRENGTHEN THE TIES BETWEEN OUR COUNTRIES? CAN WE, within the framework of a vast disparity of rich and poor, and with the understanding that our future together is nearing a tipping point, STRENGTHEN, not by relying on the existing one way exchange of cheap labor that forms the basis for THE TIES, which have never been firm or sustained in the entire tumultuous history of our nations, and in fact, has more often than not been a tolerated and uneasy relationship based on short sighted goals of profit without sustainability, BETWEEN a zone which is both difficult to define or control and not only describes the physical border zone but also the status of our current relationship and which might damage OUR future ability to solve our mutual problems even though so much suffering has the potential to inevitably lead to a worsening breakdown that will cause irreparable strife to citizens of both COUNTRIES before it is too late?

Jennifer Luce and colleague Lori Krause of LUCE et Studio.

Sebastian Mariscal hangs out in his installation with family, friends, and collaborators.

Mariscal's installation. See you next time...