A MASterwork Outing

A MASterwork Outing

See you Tuesday...

We just got our invitation to the Municipal Art Society’s annual MASterworks awards. Contained therein are the heretofore unannounced winners, as well. (You can find all four after the jump.) Sadly, the party is invite only, but it’s at the new glassy, glamorous Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at Parsons, so if nothing else, you can wander by Tuesday night and press your face to the glass, making puppy-dog eyes at we revelers therein. It’ll be the perfect Oliver Twist/recession moment. If you’re lucky/pretty, we might even sneak you in the side door.

Best New Building: The Standard Hotel, by Polshek Partnership (Read our feature here.)

(Nikolas Koenig)

Best Restoration: The Lion House at the Bronx Zoo, FXFowle

(David Sundberg/Esto)

Best Renovation/Adaptive Resuse: Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Lyn Rice Architects

(Michael Moran)

Neighborhood Catalyst: Times Square TKTS Booth, Perkins Eastman/Choi Ropiha (Read more here.)

(Julie V. Iovine)