Deep Cuts for Deep Pockets

Deep Cuts for Deep Pockets

Update: Wrong Matteo Thun knives. More after the jump.

We’ve been all over the architecture/fashion hook-up, but what about cooking? Age-old knife maker Zwilling J.A. Henckels has just announced a new set of knives designed by Milanese architect Matteo Thun. They certainly look nice, enough so that your culinary-inclined editor considered getting a pair. But the Times talked to Thun about the knives last year, which, it turns out, cost between $300 and $450. That’s well out of our meager price range, but hearing Thun justify the exorbitant cost is worth it all.

What makes a knife worth $450?

You know, Manolo Blahnik, of course. What happens if you look in the window?

Nothing. The heels are way too high. So are the prices.

Probably if you fall in love with a Manolo piece, you can’t say why, but it’s definitely a dream. The dream costs you an unbelievable $400, $500; there are many Manolos over $1,000. But if I were a woman, I would go — this is my true answer — I would go for one Manolo every two years, rather than five whatsoever.

So it’s all about beauty?

It’s a combination of the very warm ebony and the high performance of the steel blade. It’s a bit like driving one of those fabulous Lamborghinis. It’s a dream. But you remember the words of Goethe. He says one takes hold with the eyes and sees with the fingers.

Does Mr. Thun drive a Lamborghini?

I was driving one two days ago, but for a very simple reason: Lamborghini has V.I.P. cars for free.

Not being VIP’s, I guess there will be no Thun knives in our future. After all, aren’t we supposed to be over excess?

Update: So it turns out Thun has designed two sets of knives for Zwilling. The really expensive ones mentioned in the Times are the TWIN 1731 line. The ones pictured above are the TWIN Profection line, which come in the following, ever-so-slightly more recession friendly sizes and prices:

TWIN Profection 4″ Parer/Utility Knife – $105
TWIN Profection 5″ Serrated Utility – $120
TWIN Profection 6″ Utility/Sandwich Knife – $130
TWIN Profection 8″ Carving Knife – $142
TWIN Profection 8″ Chef’s – $180
TWIN Profection 8″ Bread – $142
TWIN Profection 7″ Santoku Knife – $180

We regret the error.