The Emerald Coast of Queens

The Emerald Coast of Queens

A view of the new section of Gantry Plaza State Park in Queens. (Images courtesy ESDC)

On Thursday, we wrote about a new park that had been unveiled as part of the city’s plans for Hunter’s Point South. Not to be outdone, Gantry Plaza State Park, Queens West’s original greenway, is expanding, with a new 6-acre stretch opening tomorrow. Designed by Abel Bainnson Butz, the new section of park brings Gantry Plaza to 10 acres of waterfront open space. With Macy’s fireworks moving north up the Hudson this year, those new lounge chairs and hammocks could be a perfect place to watch. Check ’em out after the jump.

One of the best, and certainly under-appreciated, views of the city.

Have a seat?

Who knew paradise was a quick trip across the Queensboro?

Soccer, anyone? Maybe a picnic.