I Brought My Pencil

I Brought My Pencil

The fenestration of the East Harlem School, seen here from a typical classroom, was designed to let in ample daylight while creating a sheltered environment for the students. (Courtesy

We have covered the East Harlem School a few times, once in a studio visit we did with the architect, Peter L. Gluck & Partners (09_05.21.2008), and once in our 2009 favorite sources issue (specifically here). Now construction on the project has been completed and Gluck has sent us some images of the finished product. According to the architect, who also provided construction management services, the school was built for $330 per square foot. Gluck also reports that his firm returned $500,000 to the client in unused contingencies. See what $330 per square foot will get you in Manhattan when your architect is also your CM after the jump.

The facade panels are from Trespa. (Courtesy

The principal's office. Not too intimidating. (Courtesy

The cafeteria. Note the large, circular lights. You'll see the circle motif again. (Courtesy

The rear play yard, where students can let off some steam. (www.freelandarch)

The double-height gym was created by sinking it into the cellar level. (Courtesy

A stair leads from the entrance up one flight to the cafeteria. (Courtesy

A student at his locker. There's that circle motif again. (Courtesy

The facade at night. School's out. (