Yes We CAN

Yes We CAN

Last night CANSTRUCTION LA, organized by the Society for Design Administration, announced the winners of its 2009 competition at 5900 Wilshire Boulevard. All 60,000 cans—from anchovies to pumpkin pie filling— used to build the amazing structures will go directly to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, as will over $7,700 in donations.  The structures will be on display at 5900 Wilshire through this Sunday. Check out this fantastic teaser video for the competition, which shows a clever can making its way from the supermarket to the venue. And here’s a video of winning team Gensler putting together their entry. All 10 participating teams produced stellar constructions, but a few stood out. They were:

JURORS FAVORITE: Gensler and Arup for “Pump-can”

Pictured top, a full Thanksgiving meal in the shape of a giant, glowing, gravity-defying pumpkin.

STRUCTURAL INGENUITY: Morris Architects and Walter P. Moore for “Where the Wild Cans Are”

Notice the sharp teeth and claws..yikes.

BEST USE OF LABELS: Perkins and Will for “Global Hunger Munny”

Using label colors to demarcate world hunger trouble spots. Genius

BEST MEAL: HKS for “Filling the Void”

Tuna, sardines, anchovies, beans and green chiles. A light, sophisticated, protein-packed meal.

HONORABLE MENTION: CO Architects for “Melt Away Hunger”

How to make cans look like melting, cascading drips? Ask these architects..