California Awards for 2009

California Awards for 2009

It being the last day of 2009, we at AN’s California edition thought we’d remind you of some of the year’s best architecture by sharing the awards presented by the AIA chapters from around California. Wow, there are a lot of chapters in this state. We only link to the ones that have posted their award winners (a little depressing to see that several chapters latest awards postings are from 2006 or so..). Here you go:

AIA California Council

AIA Los Angeles

AIA San Francisco

AIA San Diego

AIA East Bay

AIA California Central Coast

AIA California Desert

AIA Central Valley

AIA Golden Empire

AIA Inland California

AIA Long Beach/ South Bay

AIA Monterey Bay

AIA Orange County

AIA Palomar

AIA Pasadena & Foothill

AIA Redwood Empire

AIA San Fernando Valley

AIA San Joaquin

AIA San Mateo County

AIA Santa Barbara

AIA Santa Clara Valley

AIA Sierra Valley

AIA Ventura County