LEGO Fixer Upper

LEGO Fixer Upper

Fix up, look sharp: Vormann works his magic on the General Theological Seminary. (Courtesy Dispatchwork)

As most readers of this blog know, we’ve got quite a thing for LEGO building blocks, which is why Jan Vormann might just be our new favorite artist. The Berlin-based, Bavarian-born Vornmann takes the little plastic blocks as one of his favored media, which would be awesome in its own right. But then, pushing the architectural boundaries of LEGO blocks, uses them to fix real-life cracks in the city, beginning to reverse the urban decay as only a child could. He took a recent visit to New York, as we found out from NewYorkology today, though he’s also made repairs across the globe, including some beautiful work in old Tel Aviv and fixing World War II wounds in Berlin.

Around the corner in Bryant Park.

Better still, Vormann’s playful aesthetic can’t help but inspire those around him, creating a truly cosmopolitan experience. As he recounts on his own site of his trip to the Five Boroughs,

At first I strolled through the concrete jungle alone, loosing myself over the endless amount of walls that need a fix. Later on, a dynamic Crew formed, which consisted of 3-40 year-olds, who wanted to shape up the city with me!

We’d love to see what he could do down at the World Trade Center or to help Moynihan Station get off the ground.

Detail work in Soho (Wooster & Broome to be precise)

Can you spot the repairs across from Penn Station?

Ah ha!

Taking on Tel Aviv.