The Great Architect

The Great Architect

Where’s the T-square?

A new book argues that Jesus was not the son of a humble carpenter after all, but instead, of a well-respected architect. The Jesus Discovery, written by Dr. Adam Bradford and published by Christian UK publishing company Templehouse, revisits the New Testament in its original Greek and concludes that Joseph’s profession has suffered from a mistranslation for the past two millennia.

“The word ‘tekton’ means much more than simply a woodworker,” said Dr. Bradford in a reading of his book. “Tektons were people skilled in building with huge pieces of stone and wood. They were the people responsible for the construction of the pyramids, or the temple of Herod the great.”

One clue that tekton is being used to mean “architect” and not “carpenter,” Bradford says, is how seriously Jesus was taken. ‘If Jesus was the son of a poor itinerant carpenter with some radical ideas nobody would have been that concerned about what he said,” he told the Daily Mail.

So take heed, architects — the next time someone accuses you of having a God Complex, you’ve got the perfect defense.