A Sculpture By Any Other Name. . .

A Sculpture By Any Other Name. . .

Isa Genzken's installation at New Museum. (Photo: Kubota Photography/New Museum)

Haters of kitsch rejoice!  No longer will visitors to the New Museum be greeted by Ugo Rondinone’s glowing, rainbow affirmation.  Hell, Yes! has been replaced as part of the museum’s ongoing Façade Sculpture Program.  In its place, Rose II, a far subtler work by German artist Isa Genzken.  Growing from the first tier of SANAA’s ethereal Bowery building, the sculpture, a 28-foot tall rose, was created in 1993 and reprised in 2007.

The New Museum describes Genzken as “an artist whose work re-imagines architecture, assemblage, and installation, giving form to new plastic environments and precarious structures.”  Her art “draws on the legacies of Constructivism and Minimalism and often involves a critical open dialogue with Modernist Architecture.”  In this respect she will likely be considered a pleasant successor to Ugo Rondinone, whose Hell, Yes! garnered less than favorable reviews when the New Museum opened in December 2007.

Planting "Rose II" in the New Museum facade. (Photo: New Museum)

Though she lives and works in Berlin, Genzken formed a lasting bond with New York when she first visited as a student forty years ago.  Rose II, her first public work in the United States, is on extended loan from the David Zwirner Gallery, New York, and will be on view through 2011.