World Trade Weekly: The Steel Web of Snohetta

World Trade Weekly: The Steel Web of Snohetta

Photos by Tom Stoelker

Each week, AN plays tourist at the World Trade Center construction site. Here’s the latest.

Last night’s snowstorm was a dud when compared to the Boxing Day Blizzard. But a half hour walk around the WTC site reveals just how much extra work the weather can add to a day’s labor. By noon, workers were still shoveling out of the mess, removing snow laden tarps and generally slogging through the grayish black mess.

A lone worker shovels snow near the memorial.

When returning to the site week after week, certain design elements begin to reveal themselves. Forms become more familiar and building outlines emerge. This week our camera picked out the pair of “trident” columns from the original towers that are a focal point to the Museum Pavilion designed by Snøhetta. The installation of the Pavillion’s primary steel construction was completed on December 22nd.

Inside a web of steel sit two "trident" columns from the original towers, both wrapped in white tarp.
Six stories of glass now wrap the north and east side of One World Trade.
Detail of southwest corner.