Courtesy M.A.C. Cosmetics

M.A.C. Wonder Woman Pop-up
109 Spring Street
New York
Tel: 212.334.4641
Design: M.A.C. Cosmetics and Warner Bros.
Open now through April 2011

Everything having to do with the economy these days feels in flux, and maybe that’s why the phenomenon of the temporary pop-up store remains a particularly relevant model for retail. A new Wonder Woman-themed pop-up by M.A.C. cosmetics recently opened in SoHo, and it’s very hard to miss: the cast iron facade is painted the brightest, candy apple hue of red, radically setting the store apart from its less heroic neighbors.

The color theme continues inside with red lacquer walls and cabinets, a tribute to America’s favorite Amazonian super-heroine, Wonder Woman, who was the inspiration behind the makeup brand’s newest collection of primary hues and toy-like packaging. An oversized Wonder Woman cutout greets visitors at the entrance, walls are covered in graffiti of the various M.A.C. logos, and both sides of the store feature a chronological display of Wonder Woman comic-books from the 80’s. Comic book action words are blown up throughout the space, jolting customers with a “POW!” or “BANG!” at every turn. The store itself is a bold departure from the brand’s usual black-and-white-chic boutique, looking more like a Roy Lichtenstein exhibit or a comic book shop. Rather than shoppers on beauty errand, customers may feel like a superheros on a mission: step inside and come out transformed.