If You Thought Architecture Panels Were Boring, Think Again

If You Thought Architecture Panels Were Boring, Think Again

Take a look at the responses to our March 17 event, BetterHomeBuilding, at SPF:a Gallery in Culver City. The VERY lively panel of architects and developers discussed (often at top volume) how to improve large-scale home building in Southern California, and how to get architects more involved.

Participants included legendary architect William Krisel; Leo Marmol of Marmol Radziner Architects, Zoltan Pali of SPF: architects; Neal Payton of Torti Gallas and Partners; Harlan Lee of Lee Homes; Frank Vafaee of Proto Homes; and Brian Geis of Brookfield Southland.

“Congrats again for having put on an extremely interesting, relevant and wildly entertaining symposium.  I said this last night, but I have honestly not felt this engaged by a panel of professionals since my student days at Sciarc over a decade ago.” -Nicolas Marques, photographer

“That really was a great event last night — a lively group of speakers, excellent questions, and an extremely important topic — we’re so glad we went.”- Victoria Yust, architect

I thought your panel discussion was great – it was stimulating as well as completely necessary.” -Alex Istanbullu, architect

“Congrats on a very lively and thought-provoking event last night. ” – John Crosse, architectural historian

The best part is that most respondents  suggested more improvements to the local home building formula. From lessening our obsession with square footage to educating finance lenders to weaning people off of nostalgia. We hope to keep the discussion moving ahead. If you have more ideas or comments, please email them to editor@archpaper.com.