Held Up: Stalled Projects at CRA/LA

Held Up: Stalled Projects at CRA/LA

On Monday we reported that redevelopment agencies around the state have had to put the brakes on upcoming projects until their uncertain futures are sorted out. Because of recent state legislation cities will have to pay their share of $1.7 billion by this fall in order to preserve their respective agencies. Here’s a good example of the impact. CRA/LA has provided us a list of more than 20 current projects put on hold since the passage of the new legislation. They include the following:

° Arts District Park – a new park at 524 Clyton Street in Council District 14

° BYD – Chinese electric car and battery maker opening Headquarters in Downtown LA. Public improvements cannot be completed, potentially affecting opening of the headquarters building at 1800 S. Figueroa in Council District 9

° Sylmar Court – site acquisition cannot be completed for a large scale mixed-use development in the Sylmar community of Council District 7

° Nate Holden Performing Arts Center – improvements cannot proceed at the Center, located in the Mid_City Project Area of Council District 10

° Jefferson Boulevard/5th Avenue Apartments – housing development in Mid-City Project Area of Council District 10

° The Serrano – housing development in the Wilshire Center/Koreatown Project area of Council District 10

° Reseda Theater (CD3)– reuse of the former theater into a mixed-use development including commercial retail development and 23 housing units

° Pacific Avenue Arts Colony (CD15) – development of 49 housing units

° McFarland Avenue (CD15) – street vacation and public improvements.  Agency delay of this project will also affect concurrent ATSAC traffic improvements

° Casa de Rosas (CD9)– rehabilitation of historic and affordable housing development

° Midway Zocalo Park (CD10) – proposed public park, leveraging State resources (Prop 84)

° Plaza Morazan Park (CD1)– assisting the Department of Recreation and Parks in the construction of Plaza Morazan park

° Hollywood Community Housing (CD1) – Development of 52 units of affordable family housing at 619 Westlake Avenue

°  Civic Enterprise Development (CD9) – Single Family ownership housing at 6901 South Main Street

°  West Valley Neighborhood Beautification (CD3) – Pilot Program for Residential Beautification in West Valley Region

°  Blossom Plaza (CD1) – Mixed Use Cultural and Transit Oriented Development.  Major positive impact for Chinatown businesses

°  Habitat for Humanity (CD15) – Development of 9 units of affordable ownership housing

°  Florence Mills (CD9) – Development of 70 units of affordable housing

°  Downtown Streetcar (CD14) – Results of Council Adopted Study for grant application to Federal Transit Administration for the Downtown Streetcar