The Dinosaurs Are Coming To LA!

The Dinosaurs Are Coming To LA!

This Saturday the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County will unveil Dinosaur Hall, a 14,000 square-foot permanent dinosaur exhibit featuring 20 dinosaur skeletons and over 300 fossils, as well as interactive displays and informative excavation videos. The majority of the prehistoric bones are real, giving viewers an authentic glimpse into the world 65 million years ago.

With its footprint unchanged, the museum was rejiggered to accommodate the super-sized Hall. The new exhibit boasts two, two-story galleries that are conjoined into a mesmerizing display of jumbo-sized specimens that visitors can walk under, around and even come face-to-face with. Designed by CO Architects in collaboration with exhibition design firm Evidence Design, the new dinosaur digs encompass the museum’s original, recently restored, 1913 Beaux Arts structure and its 1920s addition which has been outfitted with floor-to-ceiling windows.

The show-stoppers include Thomas, one of the 10 most complete T. rexes in the world (70 percent of his skeleton was found and pieced together with the remainder artificially sculpted) and the exhibit’s largest specimen, a 68-foot Memenchiaursus, among others. It’s also home to a trio of fossils—a baby, a teen and an adult (Thomas)—part of the only “T. rex growth series” which spotlights the carnivore’s life stages.

The project marks the halfway point of the museum’s seven-year, $135 million transformation and according to Dr. Jane Pisano, NHM president and director, “it will position the Museum as an international hub for dinosaurs.” So far, $86 million has been raised in this unique-public-private partnership.

Due to the exhibit’s expected popularity, guests and members will need a reservation for a specific date and time to visit the new Dinosaur Hall. For ticket information and reservations, visit here.