Evan Sung

Diesel Black Gold Contemporary Showcase
68 Greene Street
New York
Tel: 212.966.5593
Designer: Ryan Korban

Diesel, the Italian denim brand, is expanding its wares to the luxury market with its Black Gold collection. For the first-ever Diesel Black Gold boutique, interior designer Ryan Korban sought to create a luxurious but youthful atmosphere. Korban explained, “I wanted to take Diesel’s DNA and do something I felt was elevated and different while staying true to the brand.”

The new Soho space feels airy and intimate, the large loft-like showroom punctuated by clusters of furniture and an impressive monolithic reflective panel of aluminum that both highlights the clothing and gives the space definition. The palette is, for the most part, understated—blacks, grays, and taupes that complement the touches of wood and polished metal. Playful use of fashion-influenced textures give the space warmth with a suede-paneled wall and a display platform covered in fuzzy, black Mongolian fleece.

Along the back wall, an elevated platform separates the fitting rooms and accessory displays from the rest of the space. Covered by slanted skylights that cover the width of the room, the platform is a naturally illuminated stage for customers testing out the merchandise.