Seoul Rising

Seoul Rising

Yongsan International Business District, a $30 billion, 37.7-million-square-foot, mixed-use development, will create a new business and cultural center for Seoul, South Korea. The design contains 66 buildings connected by an underground level and designed by renowned architects such as BIG, SOM, MVRDV and assorted other high-profile names. The development is scheduled for completion in 2016.


Dancing Dragons
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
1,476 and 1,279 ft
(88 and 77 stories)

Mullions between the scale-like overlapping glass panels will provide natural ventilation in this mixed-use tower that includes residential, hotel, and retail elements.


Project R6
472 ft
(36 stories)

This filing-cabinet-shaped residential building has a large courtyard garden and features small apartments with movable walls, which are designed for short-term tenants.


Cross # Towers
BIG Architects
702 and 669 ft
(50 and 46 stories)

This residential building, which contains a library, a kindergarten, and a gallery space, utilizes unusual massing to go around height restrictions and maximize square footage.



Harmony Tower
Studio Daniel Libeskind
797 ft
(48 stories)

The design for this office tower will feature vertical winter gardens on the south and west facades, providing users access to planted parks at each of the 38 office floors.


Diagonal Tower
1125 ft
(64 stories)

The building’s form is defined by its diagonal megaframe structural system and is covered in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal sunshades to reduce glare and shade the interior in the summer.


Triple One (Landmark Tower)
Renzo Piano
Building Workshop
2,034 ft
(111 stories)

The centerpiece of the Yongsan International Business District, this conical office tower is poised to become the seventh tallest building in the world.