Art Elevates Neutra and Koenig Icons in Los Angeles

Art Elevates Neutra and Koenig Icons in Los Angeles

Architectones at the VDL (Joshua White)
Mobile from Architectones at the VDL (Joshua White)

Art’s power can be magnified by architecture. French artist Xavier Veilhan knew that well when he took over two of LA’s most famous houses last week: Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House and Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House 21. The installation at the VDL, called Architectones, consisted of VDL-inspired sculptures in the garden, the front yard, in most of the home’s rooms, on the rooftop, and even in the reflecting pool.

Nods to Neutra himself and to the modernist movement included a large steel profile of the architect, as well as an evocative mobile and models of rather menacing-looking boats, flags, rockets, and cars.

A couple of days later came the finale: a haunting performance installation at CSH 21 that transformed reflecting pools with black ink and made the transparent house opaque with dry ice-produced smoke.

CSH 21 installation (Sam Lubell) Adult Man (Richard Neutra) at VDL (Joshua White) CSH 21 installation (Sam Lubell) Blue Flame Rocket Car at VDL (Joshua White)