On View> Objects of Architects

On View> Objects of Architects

(Courtesy of Irina Chernyakova)
Nervous System Orbicule Lamp (Courtesy of Irina Chernyakova)

Objects by Architects opens tonight in The Keller Gallery at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning. The exhibition features a collection of design objects “smaller than a breadbox,” by various working architects/designers.

The work is all for sale somewhere, mostly on the Internet, and produced by consumer demand rather than in mass bulk making adventurous designs less of a risk. By working on a smaller scale, logistical limitations, such as materials, are less relevant also creating greater experimentation. And by making their design accessible in various places and formats, architects designing objects are reaching a broader audience, injecting innovative design into everyday life.

Many architects are negotiating between the role of architect and designer, questioning and bending these boundaries. Those featured at The Keller Gallery include: Molo, Stanley Saitowitz, Actual / Josh Jakus, Eternity Stew, Moorhead + Moorhead, Meejin Yoon / MY Studio, Deger Cengiz, Nervous System, Barbara Flanagan, Yung Ho Chang, Cheryl Baxter, Nader Tehrani / NADAAA, Atelier Manferdini, Lightexture, Incorporated Architecture and Design, FTF Design Studio, Fiyel Levent, Rael San Fratello, MOS, and Graypants.

Graypants Scraplight (Courtesy of Irina Chernyakova)
Hulu Tableware (Courtesy of Irina Chernyakova)