Gallery> AIA Honor Awards 2013 - Interior Architecture

Gallery> AIA Honor Awards 2013 - Interior Architecture

PACCAR Hall, Foster School of Business, University of Washington (Courtesy of Nic Lehoux)

[Editor’s Note: This the second in a three-part series documenting the winners of the AIA 2012 Honor Awards, which are broken down into three categories: architecture, interiors, and urban design. This list covers the interior architecture awards, but additional segments spotlight winners in architecture and urban design.]

The American Institute of Architects has announced the 2013 recipients of the Institute Honor Awards for Architecture. The list is comprised of a range of projects from across the country, including Norman Foster’s PACCAR Hall at the University of Washington and Lamar Advertising Headquarters in Baton Rouge.

The five-person jury that selected this year’s AIA Interior Architecture Honor Award winners included: Andrew Wells, Dake Wells Architecture; Susan H. Jones, Atelierjones; Carlos M. Martinez, Gensler; Ronald J. McCoy, Princeton University; and Catherine M. Truman, Ann Beha Architects.

The AIA will honor the recipients at the AIA 2013 National Convention and Design Exposition in Denver in late June.

Todd Bolender Center for Dance and Creativity (Courtesy of Farshid Assassi)

Todd Bolender Center for Dance and Creativity
Kansas City, Missouri

From the AIA Jury:

This project was commended for both the interior architecture and for the precedent it sets for the reuse of the country’s industrial building stock.
The planning of the program, in plan and section, was commended, in particular the suspended studios that allow sharing of views and daylight, as was the smokestack space, which is powerful and unexpected.

PACCAR Hall, Foster School of Business, University of Washington (Courtesy of Ed LaCasse)

PACCAR Hall, University of Washington
LMN Architects

From the AIA Jury:

Remarkable for a campus building, the interiors of this University of Washington business school campus building contain a rich material palette. The generous natural materials accented with steel and glass details provide balance.
The detailing, especially in the entry and public spaces, coordinates seamlessly, even sensuously, for a building of this scale.

McAllen Main Library (Courtesy of Lara Swimmer)

McAllen Main Library
Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle
McAllen, Texas

From the AIA Jury:

The McAllen Main Library represents an important shift in American cultural attitudes toward tolerating big box, suburban structures.
The interior spaces have been dramatically transformed from a warehouse to a place with a sense of intimacy.

Lamar Advertising Corporate Headquarters (Courtesy of Timothy Hursley)

Lamar Advertising Corporate Headquarters
Baton Rouge

From the AIA Jury:

This project was commended for the simplicity yet complexity of the plan and section moves, especially the creation of the interior courtyard and the way light is brought into the building.
The interior moves are made more powerful by the decision to retain the original exterior facade of the data center rather than remove and replace it with a glazed curtain wall.

Doc Magic (Courtesy of Ralf Strathmann)

Doc Magic
Torrance, California

From the AIA Jury:

This beautiful design creates a powerful and fluid space where light dominates.
With a strong conceptual parti, the project submission described real challenges in executing such ambitious design exploration.

Chicago Apartment (Courtesy of Paul Crosby Studio)

Chicago Apartment

From the AIA Jury:

This is a beautifully conceived and detailed work of interior architecture employing traditional principles of modernism while transforming and extending that language with an innovative and carefully considered vocabulary of materials, colors, and patterns.
Horizontal planes of wood are designed with strong textures of color and pattern.

Charles Smith Wines Tasting Room and World Headquarters (Courtesy of Benjamin Benschneider)

Charles Smith Wines Tasting Room and World Headquarters
Olson Kundig Architects
Walla Walla, Washington

From the AIA Jury:

This minimalist intervention into a modest urban warehouse space results in a dynamic and beautifully detailed project.
A great solution for a simple space reflecting an attitude of restraint and editing, the project is gritty and urban and integrates the exterior with the interior for a sort of “rough luxe” aesthetic.

BNIM Iowa (courtesy of Farshid Assassi)

Des Moines

From the AIA Jury:

This project has the mark of a mature designer, willing to reduce the existing space to its barest essentials. It exhibits restraint and control to make a very elegant and sophisticated design solution.
The scheme integrates and adapts a classic exterior language into the interior space.

Blessed Sacrament Chapel and Abbey Church Pavilion (Courtesy of Paul Crosby Studio)

Blessed Sacrament Chapel and Abbey Church Pavilion
Collegeville, Minnesota

From the AIA Jury:

This project involves modest yet beautifully sensitive modifications to a heroic modernist building.
It respects and enhances the spirit and values of the Benedictine monks embodied in the original building while responding to a new set of goals for the religious community and a variety of code and system-related improvements.