Bernard Tschumi Architects

Bernard Tschumi Architects

Independent Financial Centre of the Americas Master Plan

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The first building in a proposed financial complex on 7,800 acres outside Santa Domingo, this business and information center contains multiple conference rooms and administrative areas. Both tower and base are sheeted in shaded glass and white plaster-like walls. A deep overhanging roof protects visitor from the sun and rain and the ground floor contains a large data center serving the project.

Carnal Dome, La Rosey International School

Rolle, Switzerland

This flat, metal domed structure is situated just off the main campus of a historic Swiss educational institution and includes a series of programs for the school: concert hall, music conservatory, art studios, learning center, and a black box theater. Meant to infuse the site with a contemporary architectural image, the low lying dome fits into the site without overwhelming the campus or the surrounding landscape and is entered through an ancient allée of trees. Under the dome, two levels contain the building’s uses, which are sited around several open voids of public space. The area below the dome and these functioning spaces is, Tschumi claims, “a dynamic space of movement and fluent exchange.” The dome and its underlying building are constructed of steel, concrete, and wood with glass present only as a vertical separator between exterior and interior, or public and private.

Acropolis Museum

Athens, Greece

The design for the


Alesia Museoparc

Alesia, France

This cylindrical structure, which recreates historic battlements and earthworks, sits near a historic French battlefield just outside the Roman town of Alesia. Meant to memorialize and interpret a famous battle between Julius Caesar and the Gauls that marks the founding of the French state, the timber-surfaced structure has trees on its roof to mute its presence on this sensitive site. Inside, a Guggenheim-like ramp contains interpretive material describing the famous confrontation and offers views out to the surrounding battlefield through openings that bring light inside the structure filtered through the interstices of the stone envelope. The top floor of the building houses a central auditorium and the roof garden and a viewing platform. A second museum structure was designed to sit on the hill overlooking the battlefield where the Gauls were entrenched in their fight against the Romans.