2013 Landmark Miami Competition Announces Winning Entries

2013 Landmark Miami Competition Announces Winning Entries

First prize winner, Miami Lift by Studio Dror.

Winners are in for the 2013 Landmark Miami competition. In DawnTown’s sixth international ideas competition they challenged designers to explore the iconography of cities by creating a new landmark for the future of Miami that could be placed in Bayfront Park. Landmark Miami received over 100 entries from all over the world, including El Salvador, Cuba, Iran, the Philippines, and France. The jury selected three winners plus an honorable mention.

Miami Lift by Studio Dror.

1st Place
Project Name: Miami Lift
Team Name: Studio Dror
Location: New York City

From the design team: Miami’s extensive beaches, unique culture, and prime location for cruise travel create a cohesive identity, allowing the city itself to be an icon. Miami Lift pays tribute to this by elevating visitors giving them a new perspective of the city.

Lemonade Square by REMED.

2nd Place
Project Name: Lemonade Square
Team Name: REMED
Tame Members: David Giraldeau, Alexandre Guilbeault
Locations: Montreal

From the design team: The concept of Lemonade Square is a perforated platform of 57,600 square feet, floating above the ground. Floating on delicate legs, this museum-like object succeeds at creating superimposed plazas with contemporary characters. The upper level holds giant wading pools and allows people to escape from summer heat. Underneath, a glamorous public place benefits from the surprising sunlight effects and offers to the city a unique contemplative site.

Torre De Las Americas by Mauricio Gonzalez, Alfredo Anida.

3rd Place
Project Name: Torre De Las Americas
Team Members: Mauricio Gonzalez, Alfredo Anida
Location: Miami/Santiago, Chlie

From the design team: The Tower of the Americas is a spatial deluge. It is a vertical flood of platforms that creates an open exhibit that celebrates the diversity of our emergent metropolis. This open tower works with the vertigo of public space. It challenges its visitors as does the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is a hiking museum. In each one of the platforms different events are generated. The tower is open, thus reducing the resistance to the torque forces generated by the wind. The proposal has a system of Multiple Tunned-Mass-Dampers and very short spans between the chromed columns. This strategy will allow for this tower to be the “tallest-slender tower” building in the world.

Great Spirit Woods by Vojtěch Kolář +

Honorable Mention
Project Name: Great Spirit Woods
Team Name: Vojtěch Kolář +
Team Members: Jakub Frolik & Vojtěch Kolář
Location: Brno, Czech Republic

From the design team: Great Spirit Woods is located in the southern part of Bayfront Park, which has always been a place of relax and rest. Idea of this proposal is to maintain these values and enrich them. Walking through an artificial forest made of steel columns of a circular cross-section…the highest columns rise up to 500 feet, the whole monumental project also has a function of a lighthouse.