Flint Flat Lot's Floating House draws criticism

Flint Flat Lot's Floating House draws criticism

The completed project as photographed by Zack Wittman for MLive.com
Photos of the built work were questioned by some commenters. (Gavin Smith, courtesy Two Islands)

When London-based Two Islands took first place in Flint, Michigan’s first Flat Lot Competition for public art, images of their floating, mirror-clad meditation on the foreclosure crisis turned heads. Six months later the project has been built, but it faced challenges and has drawn criticism making the leap from rendering to reality.

“Mark’s House,” by Two Islands, won the inaugural Flat Lot design-build competition in Flint, Michigan, shown here as a rendering. (Courtesy Flint Public Art Project and Two Islands)

Photos posted to the website designboom elicited a flurry of comments that decried the execution of Mark’s House, whose smooth reflective sheen turned out more like Reynolds Wrap, they said.

Photos on MLive show a much more wrinkly mylar coating:

The completed project as photographed by Zack Wittman for MLive.com

The texture has drawn criticism. But some came to the project’s defense. One commenter writes:

“While the project did not turn out the way intended I find it very saddening that so many people find the need to put down the architects whose vision this was […] All in all I believe that the original effect was not attained by the material used. Do I think that the project was a smashing success absolutely not, but do I think that some good came from it yes. People from around the world CARED about Flint Michigan, “The Most Dangerous City In America” and they wanted to come to Flint to do something.”

Permit issues delayed the project, but with the help of volunteers, $25,000 in prize money and an extra $15,000 boost from online donors, construction wrapped up late Summer.

(Gavin Smith, courtesy Two Islands) (Courtesy Two Islands)