Painted Fire Hydrants on Display Throughout Chicago

Painted Fire Hydrants on Display Throughout Chicago

the tiki bank by Todd Gallopo. (the Great Chicago Fire Hydrants)
the wintrust hydrant by anna celander (the Great Chicago Fire Hydrants)

Chicago area artists age 12 to 87 have painted larger-than-life fire hydrants for a public art project on display throughout the city until November 11. The project, called the Great Chicago Fire Hydrants, aims to decorate 101 five-foot-tall fire hydrants (one for each Chicago firehouse) before November 11, when a public auction of the hydrants will raise money to benefit the 100 Club of Chicago and “other fire-related charities.”

Find the hydrants on this map. Most are downtown, but Mt. Greenwood’s Funkie Fashions, Gordon Tech High School, and Swedish Covenant Hospital are among the neighborhood spots. Check out the website’s gallery of completed fire hydrants if you can’t hoof it to all the locations.

And if you’d like to decorate one, reach out here to the organizers here.