Studio Visits

Studio Visits

Studio Retreat in Chappaqua, New York by Workshop/apd.
T.G. Olcott

One of our most popular columns is Studio Visit. That’s where an editor or freelancer visits an architectural practice and then writes about the way that practice goes about its business and describes four or five of its recent projects. In 2013 we visited Richard Meier & Partners Architects and a lot of other firms whose names might not be quite as well known.

Family and PlayLab

Two young firms collaborate to create publicly engaged design.

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Studio V

New York firm interested in the intersection of modern architecture and changing nature of cities.



Bernard Tschumi Architects

Checking in with an important voice in New York’s architecture scene since 1976.



Richard Meier & Partners

Celebrating 50 years of architectural practice, Richard Meier looks to build the future.



David Baker+Partners

San Francisco-based firm uses simple forms and materials to create dynamic mixed-use projects.



Stamberg Aferiat

New York architects employ bold colors to animate space and form.




New York-based firm crafts sleek residences and impactful urban spaces.



BAM Architecture Studio

New York-based firm employs a business-centric approach to design.




Chicago-based landscape architects knit together infrastructure and public space.



Max Levy

Dallas architect looks to nature for inspiration in his designs.