Student-Built Work

Student-Built Work

On December 6, in New York City, six jurors convened to parse the merits of the more than 250 projects submitted to AN‘s first annual Best Of Design Awards. The jury included Kate Orff, principal of SCAPE; Thomas Hanrahan, dean of architecture at the Pratt Institute and principal of Hanrahan Meyers Architects; Wes Rozen, principal, Situ Studio; Mic Patterson, partner, Enclos; Dan Wood, principal, WorkAC; and AN‘s own William Menking. Over the next several days we will be posting their selections in six categories, starting with  

“It’s a platform where different things can happen. The iconography is great.”
—Wes Rozen


Best Student-Built Work: Honorable Mention

Field Station Gateway
Lawrence, KS
Dirt Works Studio

The Gateway speaks of several different periods in the history of the trail and the University of Kansas. Locally gathered materials were utilized to create a structure that is truly part of its surroundings.


"It would be great to stumble on this. It’s very well-made and sophisticated for student work."
—Wes Rozen



Student-Built Work: Honorable Mention 

Floatastic Pavilion
New Haven, CT

The Floatastic Pavilion avoids putting any load on the ground by filling the top of the structure with helium. The portable event space is inspired by jellyfish and almost seems to have a life of its own.


"It’s very beautiful. It’s the perfect marker for a special event."
—William Menking