Hooray Henry's

Hooray Henry's

Elizabeth Daniels

Hooray Henry’s
8713 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles
Tel: 310-274-7500
Designer: Built, Inc.

Swinging 1970s London is impossible not to love. So it is about time that a Los Angeles club embraced it. Hooray Henry’s, put together by design build firm Built Inc., is inspired by this slang rebuff of an entitled wealthy kid. It generates the atmosphere of the British capital by using textures, furnishings, and artifacts—such as a picture of the King and Queen, trophies, and horsehead lamps—sourced from London. Ribbed booths and silver shadow paint were inspired by vintage Rolls Royces and blue paint was inspired by old Jaguars. Other apropos accents include wood paneling, brass accents, smoky mirrors, red and blue neon, vintage televisions, and old ashtrays.


“It took on a life of its own,” said Built Inc. designer Sormeh Azad. “It started off as an English Manor, and went to the rich boy and his friends take over the manor and they’re having a party.” The space encourages hardcore partying. The booths, for instance, are built to encourage and withstand high heels on top of them.

A 3D projection wall, which is apparently the first of its kind in Los Angeles, takes on concave, convex, and hexagonal shapes. An array of scenes, from psychedelic imagery to nudity, are projected upon its variegated surface. “The space is a sensory overload, but in a positive manner,” said Azad.