On View> Erica Stoller & Melissa Murray Walk The Line With New Brooklyn Exhibition

On View> Erica Stoller & Melissa Murray Walk The Line With New Brooklyn Exhibition

Beneath the furthest known stack, 2013. (Courtesy A.I.R. Gallery)

A.I.R. Gallery
Brooklyn, New York
Through March 2, 2014

Traverse is an exhibition of new works by Melissa Murray and Erica Stoller at A.I.R Gallery in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood. Murray’s work focuses on pausing her daily life to examine personalized images that are swiftly tucked away in her subconscious. Stoller makes wall related sculptures that relate to the plane of the wall and garners meaning from the surrounding area.

Sum of the Parts, 2014. (David La Spina/Esto)

Murray and Stoller frequently exhibit together. The biggest shared element in both artist’s works—the line—represents aggression and physical restraint. The environments created in the artists’ work relate and transcend their varied media.

Stoller’s newest works mark her transition from two to three dimensional works. Stoller’s compositions in Traverse are made from converting unconventional materials including foam insulation, PVC conduit, plastic fencing, and swimming noodles into visual art.

Murray creates large two dimensional works that strive to freeze an active moment of thought. She uses a stream of consciousness process to present an honest work where each piece is collection of coded memories. The works in this exhibition contrast each other to create a thoughtful conversation on the line.

This exhibition is accompanied by a soundscape of ambient noise created by Impala Static.

Infinity is always longer, 2013. (Courtesy A.I.R. Gallery)